I Love You, Earth
Yoko Ono in a recording studio


Interview by WILLOW Defebaugh

In her 2018 song of this name, Yoko Ono describes the planet as being at a “turning point in eternity.” With recent reports making the threat of our changing climate more imminent and dire than ever, nothing could be closer to the truth. Here, the legendary artist and activist reminds us what we can learn from our environment.

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Willow Defebaugh

What does the word “natural” mean to you?

Yoko Ono



How do you see humans and nature coexisting in the future?


We are already coexisting. We just don’t think so.


What can nature teach us about violence and peace?


Peace is power. War and violence bring poverty.


Is there such a thing as too much progress?


Progress? We are incredibly instinctive people, so we will change with a speed that we can’t think about now.


Did we come into this world or come out of it?


We are here, and we can make it better and better.


This article appears in Volume 01: Neo-Natural of Atmos.

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