Freedom: China

31°13′27.6996″ N, 121°28′9.0120″ E
Shanghai, China

We asked creators around the world to interpret the meaning of latitude through the ultimate language of self-expression: fashion. The result? A global tapestry depicting modern-day culture and identity, woven together by threads that feel as universal as they do unique.

Photographs by Leslie Zhang Jia Cheng

Styling by Lucia Liu

“Each single point on a map is unique, as is the culture located there. To be unique is a luxurious freedom. For me, in the fashion photography world currently dominated by Western ideals, I want to create a space for the things I am rooted in. These are the memories and experiences from growing up in China, which played an integral part in shaping my view of beauty. The concept is the beauty and integrity of Chinese flowers and plants, which are given quite a bit of poetic meaning by generations of laureates throughout history.” Leslie Zhang Jia Cheng

MAKEUP Xin Miao Hair Hua Zi MODEL Shuping Li PRODUCTION Oolong LIGHTING Dongbin Qiao PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANTS Xiaolin Jiao, Bei Yuan, Xiao Wang STYLING ASSISTANTS Shasha Wang and Qiuyi Chu at theBallroom, Cuicui SPECIAL THANKS Adam Chen Junjie

This article appears in Volume 02: Latitude of Atmos.

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Freedom: China