Fine Lines



Through panoramas and reflections on opposing natural landscapes, photographer Théo de Gueltzl and Ralph Cox trace horizons from the Swiss Alps to the Mediterranean Sea.

We all know thin places

though we may not be aware of it

each moment we stop to breathe in a sunset

our being is transported across an ocean


Absolute before a thin line

cutting sea from sky

for moments between worlds

the solar system out with


to the farthest corner of infinity


Breathe in these places


Our surface is full of them

the fracture lines of past tectonic movements

exposing the physical to a meta-fractional light

such places exist along skin-fine borders

above an ocean of cloud

the needle spires

carved by snow

I live there

the miracle of alpine light


Routes unveil themselves

foot before foot

a beat of fearful courage

conduit of the trees steady state

scents of rich earth upon the air

it’s density a blanket between worlds


Valleys below fall away

summits beckon closer

in the clouds broken wake

a timeless robe revealed

upon rocks weathered skin

hard yet bare

a protected fragility

so soft


Somewhere there between the shadow and the light

summit winds cast snow across a threshold


The elevation of breath is slow

deep inside

cutting crisp

sandstorm grit


Skin breaks against arid air

a single light beam hovers there

frozen by its path

hindered in time

by memory


Rocks break forth from frozen ground

ancient lichens carry stories of a time long forgotten

finding place within me

shaped by your lines


Constrictive serenity

ripples of crystallized waves caught by sentinel rocks

nourished yet starved by these blind days


Thin grace

shadowed in grief

holding fast with

hope in our infinity


Wings balanced on high winds

rocky shores naked without embrace

waves frozen in a fluidity of time

lightyears within their rhythm

gone before our own


Land in the sky

the sculpting wind bringing velvet form to light and water

shadowed only by ourselves

a tangibility just met

such fineness

breathing tangent to your own


A thin place met


Just imagine when you next open your eyes upon a scene of nature

at every edge

every crevice

lies a thin place

waiting to connect you to yourself

honor it and it will honor you

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