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Kyiv, Ukraine

Freedom: Ukraine

We asked creators around the world to interpret the meaning of latitude through the ultimate language of self-expression: fashion. The result? A global tapestry depicting modern-day culture and identity, woven together by threads that feel as universal as they do unique.

Photographs by Yelena Yemchuk
Costumes by Masha Reva

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“I’ve always felt that the ability to express yourself in the way you look is a great freedom. Maybe it was because when I was growing up in Ukraine, when it was still part of the Soviet Union, it was really hard to do that. I find it incredibly inspiring what’s happening with Ukrainian youth culture now…they have their own style driven by their past and their creativity in the present. They have their own voice. My inspiration for this was a combination of my love for Ukranian folklore combined with the youth culture of Ukraine—plus the importance of reinventing and reusing materials that we find in everyday life.” Yelena Yemchuk

MODELS Anastasia Rozhdestvenskaya, Ksenia Bilyk, Arthur Karanda, Elena Klymenko, and Kolya Zakharchuk PRODUCTION Ira Lupu POST-PRODUCTION Brent Adams (Two Three Two)

This article appears in Volume 02: Latitude of Atmos.

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Freedom: Ukraine