Thomas Albdorf

#Photography Vienna, AT
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Thomas Albdorf was born in Linz, Upper Austria in 1982. After working for several years as a graphic designer and art director, he studied Transmediale Kunst at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, where he graduated in 2013. Albdorf‘s main interest focuses on photography and sculpture—in particular, the intersection area between both practices, their shifting perceptions, the contemporary status quo of the photographic image, and the decontextualization caused by internet distribution (whereas the internet functions as an important medium to distribute and communicate his work).


His work has been exhibited throughout galleries in Austria, Germany, Sweden, the U.K. & the United States, and he has been featured and interviewed in magazines and blogs such as A5 Magazine, Ain't Bad, The British Journal of Photography, It’s Nice That, Mossless, NOAH, Twin, Wallpaper*, and more.

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