Naguel Rivero

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Naguel Rivero is an Argentine-Italian photographer and director with a cinematic outlook. He is obsessed with strong-eyed people and unconventional beauties, which star in his stories. His personal work is a hybrid between vulnerable, autobiographical work and fictional fantasies that criticize contemporary society. Naguel Rivero lives and works in Paris and has collaborated for Atmos, Carcy, Revue, Vogue Ukraine, Hot Hot Hot, Primary, and more.

In what ways does nature inspire or inform your work?

Nature is everything. From nature flows the heart of my inspiration. It is a substantial and perpetual stimulation for my sensitivity, shaping and enriching my work.

What does it mean to you to be part of a thriving ecosystem?

Such an ecosystem would mean that human beings would place a high value on nature, without predatory behavior. That would create an environment that thinks long-term and reuses: nothing is lost, everything is transformed. A thriving ecosystem is a collective challenge, it’s up to us to realize.

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