Laurie Parsons

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I'm an academic and writer dedicated to exposing the way the global economy shapes climate change impacts. I've spent many years overseas speaking to people about the economic and environmental pressures they are under and working with scholars, organizations and governments to tackle the structural challenges they face.

In what ways does nature inspire or inform your work?

The wonderful thing about nature is that it has its own interests. Humans like to think they can control nature, but in reality they can only suppress or coerce it. It seems easy enough to destroy the natural world, but when you try to work with it, whether as a farmer or a gardener, you quickly become aware of the limits of your power – and that’s a very healthy revelation.

What does it mean to you to be part of a thriving ecosystem?

A thriving ecosystem means a balance of power and an equal right to access the fruits of the surrounding environment. With humans as dominant as they currently are, that natural balance can only be sustained through a fairer human society. One goes hand in hand with the other.

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