Danni Washington

Miami, FL

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Danni Washington is deeply passionate about our oceans and science communications. She dreamed of studying the oceans since she was six years old and that passion has fueled her work as a TV host, thought leader, public speaker, and more.


Currently, Danni is featured as a correspondent on a weekly nationally syndicated CBS series called Mission Unstoppable with host Miranda Cosgrove, who is also co-Executive Producer alongside fellow actor Geena Davis. Danni has also hosted Xploration Nature Knows Best on FOX, a STEM educational TV series that featured the latest advancements in bio-inspired technology and design—making her the first African-American woman to host her own science television series.


Danni has also come to be known as a thought leader and advocate in the SciComm and ocean conservation realms. She has been a featured speaker for both live and in person events for global organizations including EarthX, InterpTech, the American Black Film Festival, March for the Ocean, Ocean Heroes Bootcamp, Borneo Global Issues Conference, ShiftCon, and many more.

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