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An editorial, commercial and travel photographer and graphic designer, based wherever his creativity takes him. Born and raised in Nairobi Kenya his love for the arts started at a young age through illustrations learning from my uncle. Lifetimes later he became a graphic designer and while working for a Kenyan top women's magazine True Love Magazine East Africa his interest in fashion photography started. His work focuses on capturing fashion and travel in its element. His love for natural light and shadows and how it forms interesting light against his subjects. In Fashion he's always experimenting with new techniques. "I love challenging myself to always push the limits of creativity. I'm currently working on a series called The Dark Matter Project that is a collaboration with different African models, designers showcasing their unique fashion and documenting this through creative forms of editorial photography. On Travel my work his work centers around documenting travel in its entirety. How the mood and experience makes you feel, how to play with light and how it lifts up a space. To capture the people and document stories from different parts of his continent.

In what ways does nature inspire or inform your work?

Nature inspires my work in a lot of ways both as a fashion and a travel photographer, I love shooting my subjects in natural elements, my portraits are mostly shot with natural light and I love using natural green as backdrops. I love traveling and I’m constantly amazed by how nature works, from when the sun rises and sets, nature evolves and adjusts to whatever challenges come it’s way and for me it’s always a humbling experience documenting this. I also picked up farming and planting flowers in my garden and putting my hands in soil is a fulfilling experience.

Q: What does it mean to you to be part of a thriving ecosystem? 

A: It’s a big thing for me, I’m more aware of my impact in our ecosystem, what I do and consume directly affects the environment. Having traveled extensively in my country I have hope that a lot more Kenyans are understanding the value of our ecosystem, from protecting our wildlife and natural habitats. I’m passionate about this and through my work I hope to document the ever changing ecosystem and ensure we protect it for future generations.

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