Jamie Hawkesworth

London, England

British fashion and documentary photographer Jamie Hawkesworth's career had an unlikely beginning when he started taking pictures of reconstructed crime scenes while studying forensics. It was documenting the scenes and an interest in unnoticed characters that led him into photography. Fascinated by the beauty found in the minutiae of everyday life, Hawkesworth began photographing characters and scenes including a Preston bus station (which would later turn into a book and short film).


His work has appeared in publications such as Acne Paper, Double, i-D, LOVE, Vogue, and others. And he's created visual campaigns for brands like Alexander McQueen, J.W. Anderson, Loewe, Marni, and Miu Miu. Additionally, his installations and shows have shown throughout Europe: A Short Pleasurable Journey Part Two, Clerkenwell, London (2019); A Blue Painted Fence, Clerkenwell, London (2018); Photographs and Sculptures, Soho, London (2018); Landscape with Tree, Huis Marseille, Amsterdam (2017); and more.

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