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In what ways does nature inspire or inform your work?

Nature both inspires and informs not only my work, but my everything. The most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life are in nature. I particularly established this thought to myself on my trip to Iceland. Surreal, but NATURE. Not only beautiful, nature is also the most intelligent. We have to just look to what is happening at the moment. How can the planet recover as well in just 2 months? That said and going out of the question, I think that most people, even the most sceptic will agree somehow on this. They just forget that nature is veeery patient but doesn´t forget. And that is history, not me being philosophic.

What does it mean to you to be part of a thriving ecosystem?

I like to believe, and I do, that if what we all have in common would be respected, that being OUR planet, the world in every level will just become a better place. At the end is a matter of education, and I am convinced, that is the solution to the (almost) everything.

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