Sweet Poison


For Flourish/Collapse, Stefanie Moshammer submitted a series of images that illuminate the many mirrors that exist between growth and decay in nature—and the illusory line that separates human consumption from its impact on the environment. Here, she offers a side-by-side of what it looks like when nature (including humanity) trends upwards and when, often by our own design, it falters.

A fish in the desert

where there is no water to hide

A bee gathering the nectar of flowers

with its poison inside

Sweet poison, sweet as lime

Earth and air are fragrant with decline

You said tomorrow everything is going to be a bit better

the colors are gonna be brighter

the light is gonna be shinier

and the air is gonna be whiter

Pain and pleasure, born as twins

mingling with each other since
and the fish who leaves the desert after all these years

floats into the river of tears.

This article appears in Volume 03: Flourish/Collapse of Atmos.