A model dressed in pink and white linen fabric lays on the forest floor.

Spinning Stories From a Place of Love

Photographs by Andy Jackson


As part of our week-long deep-dive into material solutions, photographer Andy Jackson lenses an intimate exploration of linen and love.

Linen is a fabric that, at its best, represents the very essence of the Earth.


Celebrated for its sustainability, linen is made from the flax plant—a plant that can help diversify ecosystems and strengthen soil health, and the entirety of which can be woven into a fiber. It demands minimal water and pesticides during cultivation, and its natural qualities mean it can biodegrade in as little as two weeks. Its strength and durability stand as a testament to nature’s enduring embrace, a symbol of eco-conscious virtues that have weathered the test of time.


From the Earth’s nurturing soil to the loom’s careful craft, linen embodies a journey of regenerative sustainability with every fiber, thread, and fabric strand. For Atmos, photographer Andy Jackson lenses an intimate exploration of linen and love.

A model wearing a large beige linen suit stands in the middle of the forest, looking straight ahead with their hands behind their back.
Someone wearing a pink linen fabric top faces away from the camera.
A model wearing a pink and white linen fabric outfit reaches toward the camera.
The sunlight shines on a grassy path in the forest, framed by a horizontal tree trunk above.
Two models with long brown braids wearing white linen fabric lay next to each other on the grassy ground.
A tree with leaves growing along the trunk reveals an open faced chopped branch.
A model wearing white, brown and black linen fabric looks up at the camera while laying down in a field of weeds.
A model wearing a beige linen suit closes their eyes while leaning backwards in the middle of a forest.
Sunlight peeks through a grassy forest surrounded with trees.
A model standing amongst tall leaves in a forest is holding their hands up while looking toward the camera. They are wearing a taupe linen fabric outfit.
A model with long braids is wearing a pink linen jacket and skirt and showing their back to the camera while standing in a forest.
Two models with long braids, wearing white linen fabric outfits lay next to each other in a grassy field.

HAIR Chika Nishiyama MAKEUP Ayaka Nihei MODELS Lee (Dreamland), Anjali (Kev Mgmt)

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