Théo de Gueltzl

Paris, FR

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Originally from Paris, Théo de Gueltzl studied fine art at Central St Martins in London, graduating in 2014. Initially focusing on illustration, he developed a longstanding partnership with Hermès, contributing intricate drawings for their textile designs. Documenting his travels through photography became a parallel obsession.


His approach to photography explores sculptural form, the surrounding world and a sensitive, in depth investigation of human stories and character. Rooted in the authenticity of travel documentary, Theo’s fashion and still-life imagery embraces an other-worldly aesthetic, intertwining his interests in the environment and fine art. At the heart of his practice is an empathetic approach to celebrate the cultures, communities and landscapes he encounters, as well as the exercise of creating new structures to capture fashion within.


Amongst many solo and group exhibitions, de Gueltzl has exhibited at Red Hook labs in New York as part of their new artists show. In October 2020, he showed a new series of personal work taken in Los Angeles on the cusp of the COVID-19 lockdown. He is regularly published by M le Magazine du Monde, and includes Hermès and Moncler amongst his commissioned work.

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