Sandra Lizeth Ramirez Acuña

Sandra has devoted her life to fighting for climate justice and citizen participation in human rights, in the face of extreme socio-economic inequality and illegal armed groups endangering communities in Colombia, work which has put her at great risk of persecution.


She has diverse and extensive interests, starting with the protection of women, children and vulnerable communities. Sandra has vast experience organizing rural communities, working on strengthening awareness around climate change prevention and risk; improving and protecting ancestral knowledge around farming and sustainable agroecology practices through research, knowledge transfer and human rights education around land rights, livelihoods and food sovereignty.


Through grassroots training and advocacy, she works towards the implementation of international standards in environmental protection, organic production models and Fair Trade standards in her community. Her research focuses on developing clean water and energy projects in rural Colombia, to strengthen the communities most affected by the effects of climate change due to isolation and poverty. She aims to enable access to clean, affordable drinking water for human consumption, which guarantees the right to health and life, human dignity, the right to a healthy environment and promotes equality for vulnerable populations.


Throughout her work, Sandra aims to ensure fundamental rights and human dignity, and to raise awareness of the importance of education to transform futures. Whilst both her and her family are under constant threats and have been subjected to violence due to her human rights work, she continues to fight for her community, country and to give a voice to the voiceless.

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