Sam Rock

London, UK

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Born in Yorkshire, England photographer Sam Rock’s work is characterized by a unique color palate, romanticism, and nostalgia which he uses to construct a fantastical social commentary informed by shifting cultural tenets. Rock is the founder of Gasoline Pictures, a progressive and diverse collective of photographers who work and collaborate to realize ideas and projects together in a uniquely synergistic way. He works in Paris, New York, and London, where he is currently based. Rock’s work has appeared in M Le Monde, Office, Another Man, i-D, Vogue Paris, and more.

In what ways does nature inspire or inform your work?

It inspires me as a commentator. With the world how we’re witnessing it at this time, I’m inspired to be a voice that reflects a social and ecological conversation and shares it with a wider audience. My belief is that in a world desensitized and overloaded with imagery, and with the human attention span diminishing year by year, a way to offer an effective voice is to try and give the audience a way of seeing they might not have experienced before. How can we use art to draw attention to conversations that are being forgotten? I believe if the commentators can draw attention to the subject via their unique visual perspective, something the audience feels an affection for, the correct conversations can be rejuvenated. And as a commentator now, nature and how we respect it is at the foundation of every conversation we need to have now, and in our lifetime.

What does it mean to you to be part of a thriving ecosystem?

To be part of a thriving ecosystem would mean to be part of a conscious, responsible and nourishing society. There is obvious evidence and therefore a unilateral need for understanding that social and economical systemic change is paramount to stabilize and regenerate the critically imbalanced ecological system.

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