Rana Toofanian

Creative Director
Los Angeles

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Rana Toofanian is a British-Iranian, Multi-disciplinary Creative Director based between London and Los Angeles.


She presently serves as the Editor-at-Large of cult fashion bi-annual, System, where she was a previously a Founding Editor, and as Atmos' Creative Director.


Rana collaborates closely with photographers, artists, performers and filmmakers to realise narrative and concept-driven projects across fashion, art, music, publishing and sustainability.

In what ways does nature inspire or inform your work?

There’s so much in nature that’s inspiring… but on a personal level, the most profound way in which nature informs my work is simply in how it makes me feel. Nature grounds me. It’s what gets me out of my head and also what allows me back into it. When my mind is racing – when I’m feeling anxious, stuck, overwhelmed – taking a walk in the park, a swim or surf in the ocean, or a look at the moon – resets my nervous system and imagination.

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