Nathan Klein

London, UK

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Nathan Klein's styling philosophy is a direct reflection of his culturally diverse background from growing up in London. Shaping an aesthetic that envisages his belief that fashion should be creative, fantastical but also wearable and fun. His stylistic handwriting was forged from a career which started in his teens, initially studying photography at Ravensbourne University, Nathan’s move to styling was a natural transition developed through collaborating with bands and artists. Alongside his extensive work within the music and entertainment industry, Nathan has established relationships with brands and designers such as Off-White, Carhartt, Mira Mikati, Sephora, Ssense, and Kenzo. He also contributes to a number of international publications such as Modern Weekly China, The New York Times, Vogue Ukraine, Dazed, and Twin Magazine.

In what ways does nature inspire or inform your work?

Nature and the world around us is one of the biggest inspirations in my work, from the intricacies found in the smallest organisms to the overwhelming beauty of a sunset. I am constantly challenged and inspired by the adaptability and strength of the planet we live in.

What does it mean to you to be part of a thriving ecosystem?

A thriving ecosystem to me means a world where both nature and man live prosperously, and sadly living in London it is both easy and impossible to forget the impact our daily lives have on the ecosystem. For me being a part of thriving ecosystem means taking responsibility for our part and constantly striving to do better and be better participants for the benefit of our planet and our future.

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