Greg White

London, England

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Greg’s work re­veals a love of func­tion and mys­tery com­bined in the graphic ele­ments of ar­chi­tec­ture and land­scape. He is in­spired by re­pe­ti­tions of form in space. An un­flinch­ing mod­ern­ism and cool de­tach­ment in­flects all his im­ages, in the bright whites of su­per-watt bulbs and in light-filled land­scapes. Greg’s of­ten heroic por­traits show sit­ters in con­text and in mo­ments of re­flec­tion. He thrives on prob­lem solv­ing and de­vel­op­ing cre­at­ive ideas. His un­as­sum­ing ap­proach is based around sim­pli­city, shape and struc­ture.

In what ways has nature informed or inspired your work?

Thinking back on my life and my influences, what I tend to recall most lucidly are moments that took place in nature. Nights under stars, walking till your feet bled, riding waves (badly), freezing and wind battered but content on top a mountain, peddling hills or simply fishing by an idyllic lake. Nature is always moving, always working always changing. There are no straight lines or right angles in nature. Everything is a wave, a curve, a sinuous path. The seasons, the climate, light filled landscapes or dark misty forests, the variety is remarkable. Nature has a way of removing distractions, of commanding our deepest attention and respect. Moving forward I am very much drawn to how we as a society are looking at nature and its ability to regenerate, evolve and sustain life, and how technology can be used to harness the power of nature in ways that will benefit both humans and the planet.

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