Elie Gordon

Social Media Director she/her
United Kingdom

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Elie is a naturalist and wildlife photographer from south London. Her passion for the planet and the environment lead her to the world of digital—I She uses the power of social media to inspire people to take action for good. Elie has a dog called Rowan and a cat called Reginald and hopes to one day to own at least two goats.

In what way does nature inspire or inform your work? 

Nature is a constant—it weaves into everything I do. My passion for protecting nature means I always work with nature in mind. The immensity of it, everything it has to offer and its sheer beauty inspires my creativity every day.

What does it mean to be part of a thriving ecosystem?

Ecosystem equals balance. Everything working in perfect harmony—no one living being above another, but working together in perfect synergy. For us to be a part of that with our current systems is nearly impossible, but I believe we can get there—once humans realise we cannot survive without everything else on Earth

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