Daniel Jack Lyons

Los Angeles, CA

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Los Angeles-based Daniel Jack Lyons’ background as a social anthropologist is very much at the heart of his practice as a photographer. His work, whether personal or commissioned, focuses largely on marginalized youth—whether occupying spaces on the periphery of society or in the face of conflict. And the collaborative methods he employs grants these subjects a greater sense of autonomy in guiding each project’s message, infusing Lyon’s work with a deeper creative spirit that often illuminates universal experiences that audiences may not have considered.


Creating this work has taken him to Mozambique, Ukraine, throughout New York state, Amazônia, and Los Angeles. In each case, Lyons documents particular expressions of joy, optimism, and concern that tap into the general insouciance and naiveté of the coming-of-age realm. He is a regular contributor to the New York Times, More or Less, and Vogue Italia.

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