Brad Farmerie

New York, NY

Chef Brad Farmerie has built a reputation for delicious, carnivore-friendly fare, formerly at the (now closed) Michelin-decorated Nolita restaurant Public and currently as executive chef at another Avroko-owned hotspot, Saxon + Parole, an equestrian-themed, meat-centric eatery. In early 2017, Farmerie became one of just five chefs nationally to get a hold of the Impossible Burger, and has since led the restaurant in a plant-based revolution.


Farmerie has been named a “Rising Star” by Star Chefs (2005), an “Emerging Tastemaker” by Food Arts magazine (2007), “winner” on TV show Iron Chef America (2009), “Prince of Porc” from whole hog connoisseurs Cochon 555 (2011), and “dad” by his children Bruno and Scarlet (ongoing).

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