Beatrice Murray-Nag

Sesto San Giovanni, IT

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Beatrice Murray-Nag is a freelance writer sharing stories at the intersection of fashion, fibers, sustainability, and social justice. Born in West Yorkshire to a British mother and Bengali father, her heritage spans two rich textile histories: one famous for its wool, the other for its fine cotton muslin. Inspired by her roots, her writing explores the potential to transform these fibers into a force for change today by establishing respectful relationships along the supply chain, from farm to finished garment. Formerly digital editor for the sustainable fashion consultancy Eco-Age, she aims to facilitate the voices of those on the ground and inspire a collective reconnection to the lands and hands behind our clothes.

In what ways does nature inspire or inform your work?

Fashion has fallen out of sync with nature, and I think that its journey towards sustainability should be one of rewilding. For me, that means looking backwards rather than forwards. I’m interested in peeling back the years of industrialization and globalization to find the most natural ways of making clothing, going back to the traditions of yesterday.

What does it mean to you to be part of a thriving ecosystem?

A thriving ecosystem is one where the value we give something is proportionate to its positive impact on nature, the planet, and other people. Currently, we live in a society where a tree is worth more dead than alive. To me, a thriving ecosystem is the exact opposite.

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