Alessia Rollo

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Alessia Rollo is a visual artist born in South Italy in 1982. She received her BA at University in Perugia and she is crossing her MA in Publishing at University Statale in Milan. She also obtained a Master in “Creative Photography” in 2009 at EFTI school in Madrid. Her projects concern social topics and stereotypes like migration, genders, environmental: her practice cross the boundary between documentary photography and fiction. She participated in solo and group exhibitions in festivals and galleries. Her work has been displayed during the last years worldly at: Photolondon, Unseen, Triennale di Milano, Biennale of Young Mediterranean artists, Finnish Museum of Photography, Photoespaña, Athens Photo festival, Galeria Cero Madrid; “Shangai Photofestival” and many others. She was selected also by PHotoEspaña as emergent talent 2018 for Futures Photography and the project Fata Morgana was awarded by FotoCanal in Spain and published in 2019. She took part in international residency in Ethiopia, Japan, Italy and France.

In what ways does nature inspire or inform your work?

Nature and humankind are strictly connected for me: I constantly need to reconnect with her as it is the union with a more deep and archaic part of me. I don’t see nature as a decorative or a background element in my work but as a presence to interact with.

What does it mean to you to be part of a thriving ecosystem?

I try to remind myself that everything around as it’s a circle: we can take but we always need to give back.


Alessia’s photo by Francois Lepage

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