Atmos is an exploration of climate and culture, a biannual magazine curated by a growing ecosystem of adventurers, creatives, and journalists dedicated to pioneering progress around the world.


Each volume of Atmos places a different element of our relationship to the Earth under a microscope, from the latest developments in neo-natural resources to collapsing ecosystems to the nature of being human. In an age of fifteen-second social media journalism, the facts get easily lost— as does the critical nature of what we’re up against.


Through innovative design, in-depth storytelling, and impactful imagery, our goal is to elevate our collective consciousness surrounding sustainability and the future of our planet.


Welcome to the Atmosphere.

Founder: Jake Sargent


Editor-in-Chief: William Defebaugh


Creative Direction, Art Direction, and Editorial Design: Studio 191
Laura Genninger
David Ortega

Nick Thompson


Photography Director: Sara Zion


Digital Editor: Landon Peoples, landon@atmos.earth


Digital Design: Hugo & Marie


Copy Editor: Karly Alderfer


Research Editor: Maxwell Fox


Distribution: Didier Lerebours, didier@atmos.earth


Published by Softmatter Studio LLC