Freedom: New York

Photographs by Ben Grieme

We asked creators around the world to interpret the meaning of latitude through the ultimate language of self-expression: fashion. The result? A global tapestry depicting modern-day culture and identity, woven together by threads that feel as universal as they do unique.

40°47′0.35″ N, 73°57′58.5″ W
Boroughs of New York City, USA
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“What you wear and how you wear your clothes is often a person’s first choice in their expression of individuality. I wanted to photograph and document a wider spectrum of NYC’s youth with a focus on diversity across all five boroughs. Each individual is stylistically representing themselves and their local community within their borough.” Ben Grieme

MODELS Alegra, Julissa, Nico, Ashby, Sergio, Toni, Nick, Jovian, Vladdy, Julian, Cameron, Tari

This article appears in Volume 02: Latitude of Atmos.

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Freedom: New York