Nocturnal Evolution

Like most during the pandemic, photographer Alexandra Leese saw the impact humanity’s collective isolation had on the natural world—as a moment to survey our ecological footprints but also a chance to watch from afar nature’s ability to regenerate and restore.

Words and photographs by Alexandra Leese

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I have spent much of isolation thinking about the significant impact this pandemic has had on both the human race and Mother Nature. The message from nature couldn’t be more clear, and she has proven her resilience and ability to regenerate should we listen and allow her to do so. It feels like it’s now or never if we want to make the changes needed to transform the world we live in. Our focus now must be on metamorphosis in both the literal and metaphorical sense: regeneration and transformation. I have found myself drawn to nature at nighttime: It’s a symbol of the darkness we are going through, yet nature flourishes in our absence. With darkness also comes light, and it is in our hands as to how we get there.

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Nocturnal Evolution