Nature’s Blueprint


Via cyanotype printing, art director and photographer Namsa Leuba turns nature inside out—a digital dissection of matter and human thought via classical and modern photography.

These landscapes aren’t simply transformations of light into digital images but boiling points at which movement and stasis collide—a dissection of matter and human thought via classical and modern photography. Using cyanotype printing, the distortion of digital information produces cascades of blue, turning hues of serenity into shades of chaos and creating images that implement opposing ideals of the profane and the sacred—like the essence of nature itself in kaleidoscopic vision.

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Cascade explores the notion that every action, including inaction, is a choice—and each choice we make has a series of consequences, cascading across time. The choices we make now in regards to the planet will determine the trajectory of the human race for generations to come. Water can conform to its container, or it can gather in force as whelming as a wave. What will you choose?

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Nature’s Blueprint


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