Losing Flowers For All Occasions


Imagine no flowers left on Earth—a potential reality if climate change continues at its current rate. Writer and director Meetra Javed explores what this might look like in a sobering experimental visual poem for Atmos.

Losing Flowers For All Occasions is a concept poem that came up through a dream in which I imagined no flowers left on Earth. Not even for the darkest moments like placing them on graves or the most joyous: the birth of children. It’s an homage to the subtle dangers of climate change, written as an exploration of an abstractly horrific idea—if climate change continues at this rapid rate, the Earth could one day heat up to the point where all of the flowers we love and live for die.

Losing Flowers For All Occasions


The heat we waited for once,

later consisted of

convincing the Sun to

cool it, man.


The flowers &

my skin burning


Inertia slows –




is wilting.


architect can

fix this. We

need a new



Collective hands-

planet Earth,

imagine change,

imagine returning,

or turning,

into better selves

Again –


The Footprints of time

serve to  remind


Kindness, is

precious to keep-

(kin to Orchids)


Grief is,

reluctant to leave

(kin to Roses)


Yet before we can

give flowers,

Let us ease them

of our floods.

Photograph by Jae Kim

Before they are ashes,

let us come to terms

with this heat


The Sun

has not been convinced.

Tomorrow is another day,

today we lost and learned


The grass isn’t greener

on the other side, because

there is no other side.


Flowers, unbiased,

show the same love –

on every grave.


And You, me, us, them

Aren’t we all the same?

Director, Writer, EP Meetra Javed Director of Photography Josh Olley Lead Editor, Titles, 2nd Cam Giles Pates Photography, Set Jae Kim Cast Sirat Kaur, Mannat Kaur, Jae Kim Producer Billy Javed Locations Lead, Sustainable Architect Ashley Kochiss Costumes, ‘Weeping Knees’ Museum Piece Shradha Kochhar Composer Sal Romano

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