Dancing in the Moonlight

Photographs and Video by Isabel Okoro

Styling by Ayotunde Sule

These images tell the story of Luna Mira, an imagined city that celebrates the wonderful moon. Under the ever-changing sky, two lovers mysteriously meet and share a moment of revelation. Together, they dance their way to freedom.

Isabel Okoro is a Nigerian-born visual artist currently based in Canada. Her work explores the interactions between the motherland and the diaspora, as well as the space between binaries, where new realities can exist. For this project, shot for Atmos Magazine Volume 8: Rhythm, she takes us to an imagined city in Nigeria. Here, she depicts the story of Ré and Ollison, whose journey of love begins beneath the moon. The photos, she says, are a conversation between sound and space, converging and diverging to influence human feeling. “It doesn’t matter how they met – all that matters is that they did. After investigating the spaces they occupy, dance becomes their freedom. The journey of their love begins in those moments – when everything feels possible under the wonderful moon.”

A young woman leans against a tree along the coastline.
Large palm trees stand tall along a sandy beach coastline.
Chibuike Philomina wears shirt and skirt by Nyosi
A young man sits on a beach with a young woman standing in the distance.
Two lovers lean their foreheads against one another beneath the moon.
Two lovers are dancing in the moonlight.
The hazy sky partially hides a bright moon from view.
Two lovers are dancing in the moonlight.

Talent Korede Olusanya and Chibuike Philomina Hair Juliet Set Design, TALENT DIRECTION, PRODUCTION local•global CINEMATOGRAPHER Granville Wilson LIGHTING TECH Bilisokan JB PHOTO ASSISTANT Seun Olagbaye PERSONAL ASSISTANT Abolade Olabayo Samson SPECIAL THANKS Redline Resort

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