Freedom: Chile

Photographs by Celeste Ortiz

We asked creators around the world to interpret the meaning of latitude through the ultimate language of self-expression: fashion. The result? A global tapestry depicting modern-day culture and identity, woven together by threads that feel as universal as they do unique.

33°2′50.0532″ S, 71°36′45.6696″ W

Valparaíso, Chile
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“There’s a popular Chilean culture and then all the toxic patriotism, but there’s not much connection with our roots, our ancestry. There’s an imposed occidental culture. So, to go beyond that, to what is local, to what is handcrafted in traditional ways, can be quite liberating. I got inspired on my own background, my family. My mother spins wool manually, dyes it using plants and knits. She’s quite an inspiration for me, to my love for what’s naturally-sourced and handmade. She’s so full of knowledge. I also used my father’s jewelry—he’s a goldsmith artisan. And to complete the scene, my sister modeled for me.” Celeste Ortiz

MODEL Libertad Ortiz

This article appears in Volume 02: Latitude of Atmos.

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Freedom: Chile