Freedom: Belgium

Photographs by Pierre Debusschere


We asked creators around the world to interpret the meaning of latitude through the ultimate language of self-expression: fashion. The result? A global tapestry depicting modern-day culture and identity, woven together by threads that feel as universal as they do unique.


50°51′1.62″ N, 4°20′55.61″ E
Brussels, Belgium

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“Freedom is the ability to be yourself and to be surrounded and protected by people who value you and push you further. The culture I show here is a bit utopian, but it is my reality. All of my subjects are young, aspiring artists. They represent freedom and the future to me. The utopian subtext for all of the images presented here is the idea of togetherness on a better planet.” Pierre Debusschere


MODELS Alphonse, Dylan, Edouard, Emiel, Gabriel, Ian, Juliet, Mathias, Sasha, Sebastien, Vinnie, Violette, Wolf PRODUCTION AND RETOUCHING 254Forest PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT Gretar Gunnlaugsson

This article appears in Volume 02: Latitude of Atmos.

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Freedom: Belgium