Arm’s Length


STYLING BY Joanie Delsanto 

What’s old can always be new again. Photographer Ethan Gulley takes upcycling to new heights in his latest project, born of lockdown boredom. And like the clothing, the shoot was stitched together by many hands—proving that not even quarantine can keep creatives apart from (safe) collaboration.

A combination of spring cleaning and COVID lockdown sparked the idea for this project. While cleaning out my closet, I realized I had several pairs of old jeans that I’d outgrown or worn thin. Seeing all of the different shades of denim on the floor together inspired me. Rather than discard them, I wanted to repurpose them in a fun way. What started as an idea for one pair of very long jeans turned into much more.


This series was a collaborative effort amongst friends— cutting, sewing, and digging through our closets. In addition to the handmade jeans and sweater, five additional looks were put together using upcycled vintage and sustainable hand-made garments. My aim with these images is to celebrate the DIY spirit of repurposing and upcycling while inspiring us all to extend the life of our garments.


MODEL Claire Walter  HAIR Jenelle Oldham  MAKEUP Homa Safar, Sophia Apt  SEWING Cody Proksa, Bailey Jones, Sophia Apt  SET DESIGN Maxim Jezek, Carter Kendall  ASSISTANTS Alex Constable, Carter Kendall

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Arm’s Length


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