A Mythical Anthology of Horses

A Mythical Anthology of Horses


Photographs by Gareth McConnell

In Gareth McConnell’s newly released book, The Horses, the photographer offers up a collection of cosmic photographs that offer an intimate glimpse into the enigmatic world of these majestic creatures.

When photographer Gareth McConnell embarked on his journey to capture what he describes as the essence of horses, little did he anticipate that his project would a year later evolve into a book. But that’s exactly what happened. The Horses, which is published by Sorika, is a mesmerizing blend of kaleidoscopic, large-format imagery; a collection of vividly-saturated, cosmic photographs that offer an intimate glimpse into the enigmatic world of these majestic creatures.


Choosing Iceland as his backdrop, a country where horses hold as much symbolic significance as its famous waterfalls and glaciers, McConnell masterfully shines psychedelic lights onto these animals both in their natural outdoor environments and inside sheltered stables. Each photograph bursts with vibrant flashes of color, artfully conveying the unique and diverse personalities of the horses he encountered. McConnell’s approach is wild and expressive, but it also exudes a sense of tranquility and power. For McConnell, it was the horses that guided the book’s artistic direction, resulting in a portrayal that goes beyond mere depiction and instead delves into the realm of profound connection.

The shadow of a horse with green and orange background.
Pink and yellow horses walk away.
A horse stands parallel to the camera. Bright colors surround it.
A horse with long hair covering its face stands in a room under dark purple and blue lighting.
An abstract red gorse trots outside, with a blue sky and clouds in the background.
A bright pink horse shakes its head to cause a blur of motion while standing on the sand at the beach.
The shadow of a horse on a tie dye abstract background.
Three horses with abstract red colors around them graze.
A blue and purple horse poses in a studio room.
A horse surrounded by bright abstract colors bends down to eat some grass.
A horse stands outside, the background is filled with bright abstract colors.
A bright red abstract horse looks forward.

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